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Joseph Dirrim
United States
I'm an old fan of BIONICLE and I love building Lego sets. I also like fantasy and sci-fi comics and Lego MOCs.

I greatly appreciate comments as much as FAVs and am open to critiques. However, I have little tolerance for profanity or inappropriate content, so keep your comments clean, please.

If you find a MOC or two of mine that you would like to see more pictures of, please let me know by commenting on said MOC or on my profile.

God is good all the time, and All the time, God is good. See you around! (Lord willing and weather providing.)
Been a while since I last did this. Though it'd be fun to join in again!

The first 10 people to comment on this journal will get three of my favorite deviations from their gallery featured! (Or if I happen to comment on your own.)
The only rule is to make a journal like this and do the same thing featuring me in one of the slots!

1. :iconshade2800: I like the unique concepts he brings to his Bionicle lore, built or written, and I love the humor he brings.
Mammoth by Shade2800Get Away! by Shade2800You're Dead You Darn Dog! by Shade2800
2. :iconkaiborg101: Quite an intriguing mocist, especially with his fascinating MM crew.
Tekan - shoulder pads, unfolded by Kaiborg101Come on, show me your moves. by Kaiborg101Xymeval (updated w description) by Kaiborg101
3. :iconyudrontheglatorian: I enjoy the unique takes he has on characters of the other Bionicle races, especially the less popular ones like Dark Hunter races and such. Also enjoy some of his art concepts.
Xallis by yudrontheglatoriansassy cyber-anti-hero-assassin-bug-robot by yudrontheglatorianCave Girl At Cliff by yudrontheglatorian
4. :iconsilvakthemocist: Love his simple yet fun building style, whether it be with original MOCs or (more notably) his own versions of popular characters, official or other people's MOCs. Also, really admire his skill with Lego Digital Designer.
12DOC Day 10 - Conjurer and Kihoko by SilvakTheMocistSilvak (2017 Redesign) by SilvakTheMocistBrickHeadz - Jedder77 Characters by SilvakTheMocist
5. :iconthered1s: This guy's skill in building is outstanding! His physical sets are great, but his talent truly shines with the limitless resources of LDD at his disposal. What I really love about his style is his ability to create heavily detailed figures, yet still maintain a smooth, organized appearance in their concept.
Sol 3 by TheRed1sDurga - The Spearman from the North by TheRed1sBolvar: The Forge Master - hammer and shield by TheRed1s
6. :iconmekax: Really interesting art style this guy has. Rather simple, yet still unique and well executed. I really like how he can make different textures pop out.
Misho by MekaXHigh Prince Xarmus by MekaXStarDust Wallpaper by MekaX


RBB Update: 3100
Look who Lego finally brought to the party! (Although, admittedly, maybe the hype for him died out by now; considering the hype for the Buildable Figures in general)

So, verdict? Pretty cool, I guess. The new shoulder guards are neat. He also has a new collar piece, but it's only good for THAT purpose on THAT build.

I will say this, though. If you don't Maul (no need to rush), watch somebody review him in a video. There's something you need to see.
My Mini Mayhems Exx
Presenting a new addition to the Mini-Power series (it's technically two additions, but the second is just extra... extra), offering a new twist with more gear for the mighty Planaterras.

Barbsa Melta is one of the original founders of the Kingdom, earning status and rank after organizing the Mini Mayhems' defense during The Initial Conflict. Decisive, stubborn, and ingenious, she now serves as Chief General of Militia and Police for Household defense. She also leads the grand expedition to advance the Kingdom's science technology.

The Initial Conflict, Melta was one of those who discovered the lifting of the Law of Creativity, as well as one of the few to realize the creative power now available as a result. She seized this opportunity to bolster the Mini Mayhems' forces to counter the evil that threatened them. With the rise of the Kingdom, she would continue to study and utilize Creativity to bolster the Kingdom's military and progress its technology, as she believed it was time for the Mini Mayhems to take control of their own fate rather than rely on the gifts and teachings of the absent Creator. Her brilliance has brought about many breakthroughs, from advanced tools and weaponry to sentient mocs (with support), and she is viewed by many as the Kingdom's greatest hero for her prosperous dedication.

General Melta's primary opponents are those who remain faithful to the Creator's teachings (namely, the Mini Power Crew), a "doctrine" she considers obsolete. Despite her resentment for the old ways, she puts harmony first and works alongside the Power Crew. Their cooperation has provided the means for Melta to construct a "Synthetic Planaterras". This mobile platform allows Melta to artificially merge with the Power Crew and uses the energy of the Element Keys to fuel powerful armor, weapons, and equipment, including Dual Flood Blasters and the Eclipse Flightpack. But while "Synthetic Planaterras" offers more in combat and defense, it requires time and assistance to form. Furthermore, while Melta is able to merge, she is unable to sync with the Power Crew and gain complete synthesis, which forces her learn how to coordinate strategically- even trust- with her components. For General Melta, "Synthetic Planaterras" is both a great achievement of her endeavors and a prime example of how the Mini Mayhems still need the Creator's legacy.

Now then, please pardon me as I indulge you in expedition of the Power Crew's alternate Mini Mayhem universe.

It began with The Age of Mayhem, a harmonious time of fun and adventure for The Creator and his creations; until The Absending, when the Creator's presence was less frequent and the innocent mayhem became more disorderly. To keep the joy alive in his absence, he created the Mini Mayhems to represent his creativity and youth and taught them the essentials of keeping harmony between all mocs, asking them to preserve these values for the generations to come. Before his final departure, he also gifted the Mini Mayhems with the Element Keys and the Heart Sword- artifacts with which to call upon the power to fight any great evil that may arise- and the Trials with which to understand them. Thus, the role of keeping the Mayhem fell to the Mini Mayhems.

Unfortunately, as feared with the Creator's dissapearance, an evil like no other made its move, sowing seeds of discontent among mocs against the Mini Mayhems whom seemed to gain all the special attention.
To avoid confirming such allegations, the Mayhems locked the Creator's artifacts away and refrained from studying the power they held. They soon discovered the error in such submission when it was discovered that the Law of Creativity had been lifted. Worse, the evil in the shadows had already discovered this and was forging a great army to conquer the Household. Faced with certain destruction, the Mini Mayhems united and brought out the artifacts to make a desperate stand in the fight that would be remembered as the Initial Conflict. By the power left by The Creator, they triumphed and drove the evil back into the shadows. To better prepare for the next evil uprising, the Kingdom was founded to monitor and safeguard the Household and all its residents.

And so
The Age of Order began, a sweet but tense period for all mocs. Though peace was maintained- especially between Mini Mayhems and all other mocs after the heroic stand in The Initial Conflict- it was done so with constant concern for the evil that still lurked in the shadows, already resuming its activities to slowly destroy the Kingdom that stands in its way.

Check out more images on Instagram here and here.

Mini Mayhems belongs to :icontoa-shifter:. Please support his series.
RBB Update: 3000
Another kilo of rubberbands; another Stickman pet; another moc to post.

But which moc to choose? The old but improved hero of Hero Factory? The first of a series of re-visualized mini mocs? Or the actual new moc that's ANOTHER Mini Mayhem?
Cave Creeper
My beloved Siniida returns to the spotlight.

Species: Cave Creeper
Location: Dimensional Crossroads

The Cave Creeper is a solitary creature that lurks in the cavernous depths of the sacred Dimensional Crossroads. A true creature of the dark, they are extremely rare and keep to the safety of the shadows for the duration of their incredibly long lifespans. Seeing one of these ancient arachnids is enough to scare anyone stiff. But despite their terrifying appearance, they are a shy species that prefers to be left alone rather than interact with others. They are also very intelligent and curious, easily drawn toward anything new they spot in their habitat; or even the twilight surface world beyond the familiar underground.

Traits and Abilities
The Cave Creeper is a massive specimen even from birth, capable of reaching a maximum leg-span of 20 ft. Its non-reflective  exoskeleton and impeccable night vision make it an excellent stalker of the underground. They aren't particularly strong, but are very fast and nimble. It's bladed appendages can pierce and carve stone, and it can use such sharp instruments to silently scale the rocky surfaces of the underground, rooting its massive body firmly in the most unsuspecting places. It's blades also make for excellent hunting tools, easily slicing through flesh. It also has powerful mandibles for seizing its prey, perfect for tearing or crushing.

The Cave Creeper is quite timid and hardly aggressive, preferring the safety of the shadows in large caverns or tight tunnels. It's preferred prowling grounds are on the high ceilings, watching the creatures below warily. When they're not out and about, they will find a dark corner to curl up and hide in or dig their own resting hole in the rocky wall.

It's diet consist of soft, organic lifeforms, mainly certain giant grubs that live underground. It prefers prey that is smaller than itself and takes its time to stalk and study to determine how to strike effectively. When it does strike, it quietly creeps upon its prey before leaping on it and quickly incapacitating it with its bladed legs before consuming it.

If any potential threat happens to blow the Creeper's cover, it will immediately flee. Only when that option is exhausted will it resort to aggression to defend itself, keeping its distance and warding off its enemy with its sharp blades. If its assailant gets too close, the Creeper will slice at any opening it can find until it maims or cripples them or they give up and flee. If the enemy is wounded to defeat, the Creeper will leave them, happy to have the battle done with. However, it may consider coming back later to see if the defeated is still around and worth a meal... if another Creeper doesn't find the poor soul first.

Instagram Gallery

Siniida herself has her own biography. If you wish to know, feel free to check it out in my "1st Generation MOCs" gallery (in all its amateur glory).
RBB Update: 2900
Use number...8, I think, for a rubberball.

I'm having difficulty finding a good shot to take of my next featured MOC. So, for now, I'll settle with this teaser.


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