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Dungeon crawlers by TahuTango Dungeon crawlers :icontahutango:TahuTango 6 3 Sword Stance by Toa-Niretta Sword Stance :icontoa-niretta:Toa-Niretta 16 6 Erna the Familiar *Ref* by TahuTango Erna the Familiar *Ref* :icontahutango:TahuTango 2 2 Lucarian, Knight of Shadow by 1004Gree2 Lucarian, Knight of Shadow :icon1004gree2:1004Gree2 18 5 The Warlord by Sir-Iggs The Warlord :iconsir-iggs:Sir-Iggs 37 2 Bionifight - Virse [With Instructions] by 0nuku Bionifight - Virse [With Instructions] :icon0nuku:0nuku 303 26 The Glass Bird by SurrenderComics The Glass Bird :iconsurrendercomics:SurrenderComics 68 33 God's handiwork  - text image by Truth-lover3712 God's handiwork - text image :icontruth-lover3712:Truth-lover3712 34 10 january 7th by LyricaBelachium january 7th :iconlyricabelachium:LyricaBelachium 24 4 The Toa Adril by SilvakTheMocist The Toa Adril :iconsilvakthemocist:SilvakTheMocist 16 1 Shakespearean. by Thirteen4one Shakespearean. :iconthirteen4one:Thirteen4one 4 16 Contrail by LordObliviontheGreat Contrail :iconlordoblivionthegreat:LordObliviontheGreat 95 8 Mecha-Babe: Wasp by Alieraah Mecha-Babe: Wasp :iconalieraah:Alieraah 78 10 Alieraah by Alieraah Alieraah :iconalieraah:Alieraah 93 20 Bionicle MOC: Furnace 3.0 by Mana-Ramp-Matoran Bionicle MOC: Furnace 3.0 :iconmana-ramp-matoran:Mana-Ramp-Matoran 67 16 Catch Him, Derry! by DrZime Catch Him, Derry! :icondrzime:DrZime 32 15


Joseph Dirrim
United States
I'm an old fan of BIONICLE and I love building Lego sets. I also like fantasy and sci-fi comics and Lego MOCs.

I greatly appreciate comments as much as FAVs and am open to critiques. However, I have little tolerance for profanity or inappropriate content, so keep your comments clean, please.

If you find a MOC or two of mine that you would like to see more pictures of, please let me know by commenting on said MOC or on my profile.

God is good all the time, and All the time, God is good. See you around! (Lord willing and weather providing.)
Updates! No one likes 'em, so here's the brief:

1. MOCs- Still coming. Just with new formatting (Hopefully consistent, some day).
2. Instagram account- jedder77 Check it for more content.
3. Written works- Cyro's Story cancelled. Short stories coming soon instead.

More details below for whom it may interest. If not, thank you for reading and for following. See you later with more of the good stuff!

1. MOCs- No worries; I've still got MOCs- to build and to show. But last year, I had trouble getting motivation to display them because I've been struggling to find a "submission format" that has a good balance with visual pleasure, bio detail, and compiling multiple images without flooding my gallery; all of which that I can accomplish without taking too many hours. (Life lesson: don't grow up to be knit-picky like me.) This year, I decided to take a tip from the MOC showcase experts and use other sites to keep galleries of more images, while saving the few and the best for my DA gallery along with the bios for my characters. My latest MOC submission, Jedder, is an example of what I'm trying to go for. Basically, less white backgrounds and better image quality. However, I would still like to have more images to showcase my creations at different angles, which leads me to...

2. Instagram account- My Instagram account! As some of you know, I have one but haven't used it for anything. Well, that changes this year. I plan to use this to further showcase my creations and perhaps post bonus content for fun. (What bonus? Dunno yet.) I'm still experimenting with taking/uploading pictures with my phone (which I currently hate), so what I post is subject to change. Regardless, I plan to use Insta a lot more in the future, so feel free to follow me there.

3. Written Works- Well, it's time to make official what you may have guessed by now: Cyro's Story is cancelled. I hate to do it. It was fun while making it. I hope some of you enjoyed reading it. But writing it took a LOT of work, a lot of work that I would rather dedicate to the stories I plan to write and sell as a writer. I won't delete the chapters I've already written. I won't throw away the notebooks I have with the story drafted. But as far as I'm concerned, Cyro's Story is finished. Instead, I'll be writing short stories again. No series chapters, just small works that will give me the opportunity to hone my writing skills on the side without too much demand of time and effort. I hope you'll find these entertaining as they'll be based on my MOC characters. You might even fine some shout outs to other Bio-Deviant characters as I experiment with different personalities.

So, that's my plans for 2018 in a nutshell. Stay tuned for more content, written or built.


Diz^ngad T^ugi
Name: Diz^ngad T^ugi [diezin-god teeuu-gee]
Species: Kieramii
Gender: Male
Age: 38
Occupation: Prime Guardian

The Kieramii establish a unitary reign over neighboring systems in the galaxy, providing protection to their citizens for access to resources and freedom to research. Said protection is maintained by the Guardians, exceptional warriors who command Kieramii battalions to safeguard their systems. T^ugi was elected as Prime Guardian, superior of all guardians and safe-keeper for all Kieramii space; also entrusted the sacred honor of wielding the Megalpha Saber that has been passed down through many generations since the day it was gifted to the Kieramii people.

Before being elected Prime Guardian, T^ugi was a seasoned captain. He is very rigid with his leadership, but his strong will inspires many soldiers and hsa forge one of the most highly disciplined and effective military units in the Kieramii military. He takes his responsibility extremely seriously and does not hold back any means necessary to ensure the safety of the citizens under Kieramii protection.

Skills, Abilities, and Tools
The armor of the Kieramii Guardians provides fluid balance between power and dexterity. Its alloy plating can endure the firepower of a fleet, but internal mechanics aid the wearer in their movements to eliminate the burden they wear. It also possesses life support and flight gear for space travel, and can be outfitted with any additional gear required for specific missions.

The Megalpha Saber is the most powerful of its legendary brethren, with a fury said to rival that of a star. The strength of its plasma blade can be reduced to partial capacity for "standard" lethality and precise performance. But fully unleashed, their is little to no physical matter that this great saber cannot smite.

So, you might recognize certain details on this guy from another MOC of mine; or rather, a MOV of someone's selfMOC. Well, it was decided that the alternate look for him wasn't very fitting and the MOV itself was a little awkward in build anyway. So, I decided to split the MOC into two; one being a different look for the MOV of Toa Silvak (a sight for another day) and the other being this guy, who incorporates the details from Extreme-Alt Silvak that were too cool to completely discard.

More on Instagram here.
Man, if only it was 2004. Still, check this out! Toa Mata with full articulation!Full-Articulated Toa Tahu by vahki6If you don't already know :iconvahki6:, you should see his work.
RBB Update: 2600
Guess what's new? And what else?

I highly recommend both figures. As figures, they're fairly decent representations of the characters. As far as parts are concerned, they're pretty good. Both provide new colors for certain molds, namely the Star Wars shoulder pads now in gun-met gray and keetorang. We've also some new additions of light-gray, dark red... um, "Ninjago-movie dragon" green? (pea green, I believe it may be.) Also, I believe 2018 Vader claims the record of having the biggest cape produced by Lego. Only possible downside is any detailing you see is print, not stickers. (Although, I know most people know how to remove that, so it's no biggie.)
Hey! Biotubers! You miss the early years of Bionicle? Of course we do!

Not sure if your already among the 1K that follow Pereki. But, if you're not, you should REALLY check this video out.

Then check the rest of his videos.

Then subscribe and hope he brings more.

Pardon me. I spilled neatly sorted and organized parts onto the floor.


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